TONIGHT! Whale Guitar Show at Aurora

Tonight's Whale Guitar Show Features

Gregory Taylor of Ocean Alliance!

BURNSIDE INSIDE :: Wintersession Burnside Music Series

Aurora January 21 4:30pm - 7pm

Every Thursday in January the breezy Burnside Park Music Series of summer moves inside for the winter freeze!

With music, a full bar, a featured brew and BBQ inpired snacks to help you unwind after work and thaw out from the chill!

Tonight is Whale Guitar Night with special guest players!

Come in and hear guitarist and Ocean Alliance’s Environmental Science Intern Gregory Taylor!

Greg will play for you and chat about the science of using drones to study whales!

He'll even have a drone with him to show you! These drones allow Ocean Alliance to conduct the most non-invasive research possible as they gather the evidence needed to fight for whale health!

After Greg, Aurora’s own Stev Delmonico and his bandmate Steve Donovan will play the guitar, fresh from The Quahog's CD Release Party!

Last but not least, BlowHole's Brian Jablonski evokes an ocean on pedal steel while Berke Marye takes The Whale Guitar on a journey of sound.

Visit The Whale Guitar table where we will have lots of images from the Dinosaur Jr. 30th Anniversary Shows! Check out the photos of people who have played and signed the guitar!

We even have some activities

for kids!

We hope you will supprt our cause - please consider making a donation to Ocean Alliance while you visit to keep their great work going!

And to support the costs of The Whale Guitar Project, we have beautiful Whale Guitar tees and totes! 100% organic cotton - so no pesticides leach into the seas!

We even have some sweet

kids sizes in ocean blue!

Wear you whale love!

See you tonight!

276 Westminster Street Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Thank you Downtown Providence Parks Conservatory

and Aurora for your support!

Upcoming Whale Guitar Schedule

Saturday, January 23:

Allysen Callery plays The Whale Guitar at AS220

with Two Selkies, Quarterly, and Longshoreman

We’ve been looking forward to having Allysen Callery play her unique finger picking style on The Whale Guitar for a long time! And its about to happen!

Cannot wait to hear her play her eerie alt-folk songs in her haunting voice with this unique

alt-folk artwork!

As if that isn’t special enough, the guitar’s builder, the amazing Rachel Rosenkrantz will also be performing that night with Two Selkies on a variety of acoustic folk intruments!! With extraordinary folk harpist Reed McLaren by her side, and Quarterly and Longshoreman sharing the bill, its going to be a night of captivating sounds.

AS220 Main Stage

95 Empire Street


Thursday, January 28, 8pm

The Whale Guitar’ own Jen Long at The Parlour's "Lonely Thursday"

with Becca Neveu, Alex Dutremble and Danielle Michelle Riley

Jen will be playing The Whale Guitar for a couple of songs in a solo set for The Parlour’s “Lonely Thursday” singer/songwriter night - maybe try out a new songs she hasn’t played out before. She'll be in good company with these fine players who are welcome to give the guitar a whirl!

So don't spend your Thursday night sitting home lonely.

Come down and see Jen and Becca Neveu, Alex Dutremble and Danielle Michelle Riley do their solo things! Presented by Intrinsic Events.

The Parlour Music & Food 1119 North Main Street Providence, RI 02904


FAT TUESDAY, February 9:

Silverteeth and Sasha Dobson at NYC’s Mercury Lounge


Gabriela Rassi and

Bill Bartholomew are some of The Whale Guitar’s best friends and they are taking it to NYC so Bill can shred it at

The Mercury Lounge!!


P L U S when Gabriela told Sasha about The Whale Guitar Project and Ocean Alliance, Sasha said “I’m in!!!”

So guitarist/jazz singer/percussionist Sasha Dobson

(of Puss in Boots with Norah Jones and Cat Popper)

will be playing it during her set!!

We’re psyched!!!


That crazy pinnacle of Mardi Gras!

As they say in New Orleans,

“Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

We’ll be rolling that good time spirit to rock NY!

Come and rock with us!


Mercury Lounge

217 E Houston St.

New York, NY, 10002

Tickets $10.00

So it’s a busy January and February for The Whale Guitar!

Hope you to see you out there at a show or four!

We are so happy to be actively promoting Ocean Alliance!

As it's our mission to rally support for their good science!

here is where we ask you to help fund their work:

Please donate!

Just go to and fill out their form!

NOTE! When they see a spike in donations and whale adoptions around our events, we know we made an impact! And you can make that super clear if you type in The Whale Guitar Project in the tribute box when you donate – just to let them know you were inspired by our project!

Thank you for your whale love!!



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