Can a guitar save the whales?

We are excited to be featured in The Providence Phoenix! Check out the article by Nancy Kirsch!

Six-string Activism

Just as whales travel in groups called “pods,” Jen Long gathered a pod of creative colleagues to help create the Whale Guitar.Luthiers Rachel Rosenkrantz and Gwen Forrester, artist William Schaff, laser artist Jess Rosenkranz, photographer Michael Cevoli, and Providence Public Library (PPL) Special Collections Librarian Jordan Goffin — they all helped shape Long’s “flash of an idea” into an extraordinary project: a hand-constructed, whale-shaped electric guitar made from mahogany, maple, ebony, mother of pearl, and enviro-friendly discarded white Corian to replicate the look of endangered ivory and scrimshaw.

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Jen would like to add the following:

Thank you Nancy Kirsch for your interest as a journalist, and Phil Eil at The Providence Phoenix for placing this story!

To everyone who has contributed to this project: Rachel Rosenkrantz, William Schaff, Gwen Forrseter, Jess Rosenkranz, Jordan Goffin, Michael Cevoli, and Frank Mullin. THANK YOU for all your generous support and your incredible talents! I am honored to have received your interest, joyed and bouyed by your enthusiasm, and humbled to have worked with you on this project!

To my husband, Brian Jablonski, thank you for so many things, including bringing home that crazy guitar that sparked the idea!

To my parents: this story is not complete without noting the TREMENDOUS amount of support in terms of child care and car repair you provided while I was a single mom and art student!! PRICELESS!

I am deeply grateful for your support and for you!

To my kids - you have no idea how much you have inspired and motivated me! Thank you!

To Mrs. Freedman, my art teacher at Cuyahoga Community College, you are a lamp lifter! Thank you for helping me find my way.

Girls Rock Rhode Island - you are transformative! Endless gratitude!

To Ocean Alliance, thank you for encouraging us to dream big, and agreeing to be our fiscal agent and sponsor!

Now let's start dreaming big and save some whales!


Come to The Whale Guitar Opening Show! THURSDAY, APRIL 25


Providence Public Library

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