The Whale Guitar Project's mission is to protect Earth's oceans and whales by raising awareness of man-made threats and inspiring audiences to take impactful action! Our outreach grows with each show and with each guitarist who plays and signs this extraordinary hand-built guitar! Follow our journey of music for the ocean!


JEN LONG designs toys, sings, writes songs and dabbles in guitar, banjo and accordion. She is a member of Cardboard Cannons, The SwampBirds, and The Assembly of Light Choir. Jen envisioned the Whale Guitar, but years of designing toys made her sketches too cute. She met William Schaff, who did the artwork for the choir's CD, and knew he would be the right person to design it.

Plus he pours a good whiskey.

(Photo by Cat Laine http://www.paintedfoot.com)


WILLIAM SCHAFF describes himself as "Head Jackass at trying not to be a mess".  But in actuality, he is a prolific artist whose drawings grace the albums of many music projects including The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Okkervil River, and Songs:Ohia. William designed the Whale Guitar with the perfect ferocity. William is also the "very excitable monkey-man on drums" in the What Cheer? Brigade roving brass band.

He refuses to be photographed unmasked.

RACHEL ROSENKRANTZ is an Industrial Designer whose passion for music led her to leave the corporate world and begin learning to make guitars. She began building The Whale Guitar, and now builds guitars full time at 

Shady Lea Guitars.  When she is not busy in the woodshop, Rachel can be found playing upright bass and singing in various music projects around Providence, or teaching French.

GWEN FORRESTER is Head Chopper at Dismal Ax in Tennessee, where she builds custom electric guitars and basses from locally harvested and salvaged materials. Gwen hand built the three pick-ups on The Whale Guitar. When Gwen is not in her workshop, she can be found roaming the woods of Tenessee with her camera. Her images capture the magical intricacies of ice formations, dew drops on spider webs, and otherworldy lichens.   

JESS ROSENKRANZ is not related to Rachel Rosenkrantz Riemer and spells Rosencranz without a "t". She has a laser cutter in her basement, which she is letting us use to engrave the "scrimshaw" artwork onto the body of the guitar and onto the tiles we will also be creating for this project.  Jess uses her laser to make everything from game prototypes for Hasbro to her intricate "Flat Terrariums" in which she laser cuts big leaves into tiny leaves to construct tiny whimsical worlds. 

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