A Sonic Nantucket Sleigh Ride

This sonic work of art is on a mission to raise awareness, prompt action, and support the science of protecting the marine environment for the preservation of whales, oceans and ultimately ourselves. With its Moby Dick theme, this "Sonic Nantucket Sleighride" is on a journey to be played and signed by guitarists as it sings the message that it is time for mankind to change our toxic attitude toward nature. Follow us to catch live and recorded performances! 

The Whale Guitar is an instrument of change!


Concept: Jen Long  Design: William Schaff

Sculpture & Luthiery: Rachel Rosenkrantz

Electronics: Gwen Forrester

Laser Engravings: Jess Rosenkranz

Skull Tuning Peg Sculpture: Jen Long

Skull Castings: Kirk Hindman

Strap & Embroidery: Double Treble

Exhibition Photography: Michael Cevoli

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